Searching for Bobby Repairer

You know the scenes in Searching for Bobby Fisher in the park, where there are these animated, low-down dirty drug usin’ chess players? They curse and gesticulate and use intimidation tactics while playing chess?

That’s what our break room is like during break time for the repair center.

I just saw a guy stand up, slam a knight from one position to the other, and yell “Damn! I got your ass on the run now!”

They also play dominoes with the same enthusiasm.


I came home last night and Stacey sent me to bed, as I was feelin’ all manner of poorly.

Aside from an hour break between 3-4 to attend to Roan’s needs, and another hour to help see Roan and Stacey out the door, I slept from 7:30ish to 10:15ish this morning.

Now I’m going to go find some sort of medication, take a shower, and sit on the couch and stare for a while.

I feel like staring.

Some changes everyone should be alerted to.

In order to help out Roan, the world will be moving to a Base 6 system of counting, as per the following sequence.
1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 10

Thus far we have not had the need to go higher than that, as there are no more than ten (base 6) objects worth counting at any given time. Hopefully, we will all have a much easier time adapting than we did to the metric system.

Additionally, you should know:

1. The kitty-cats are in the water.
2. The big carrot dance. We eat the big carrot.
3. Roan wants chickens.

That is all. More as more develops.

Happy Birthday…

to !

She is three new teenagers wrapped into one.

On an unrelated note, the wind appears to be having its way with various branches above my house, such that every so often there is a fairly significant thud.

I hope I have a fully operational roof when I wake up.

Evil Schemes Everywhere!

From the Credit Union I just opened an account with, in response to my query about them supporting OFX:

At this time, we do not have the software to support the New Quicken.
Quicken has told us it would cost $1400 a month to support it. We only
have a few members using Quicken and we are in the process of evaluating
this situation.

We do still support the older versions and Money.

So what to do?

My plan was to consolidate my banking into a credit union. I like the idea of a non-profit banking institution. Very George Bailey-esque (though his was just a non-profitable institution, but hey, he cared).

But I’ve been controlling my finances with Quicken for almost 10 years. But Quicken seems to be bilking banks for cash, even this poor little Credit Union.

Do I:

1) Dump this Credit Union and try to find one that supports Quicken, thereby playing into Quicken’s evil scheme?
2) Downgrade to Quicken 2004, thereby playing into Quicken’s other evil scheme where I have to buy their software twice?
3) Dump Quicken and switch to Microsoft Money, thereby playing into Microsoft’s evil scheme?
4) Stay with the for-profit banks, thereby playing into Potter’s evil scheme?
5) Some other option I can’t think of, that doesn’t involve evil schemes?

Tea and Rabbits

First off and most importantly, Habby Pirthday to !

Also, I have this little tea-steeper device that a friend gave me. I like it, and I’m going to try to use tea to ease off of Coke. (Get rid of sugar, then later caffeine).

But I was noticing on the packet of tea that came with it the following instructions:

“Do not put tea in refrigerator or freezer. Keep airtight away from light, heat, air and moisture.”

So I guess I jettison it into space when I’m not using it? Or put it in a bell jar encased in concrete?

It’s just tea, for goodness sakes.