Happy Birthday, Dad’s Garage

Dad’s Garage Theater is celebrating its 10th season this weekend.

For all the ups and downs I’ve had with this place over the years, in the final analysis, I would not have had the wonderful friends, wife, and life I have now without it. The importance of that peculiar institution (Dad’s, not slavery) simply can’t be overstated.

So, a tip of the hat to the Little Theater That Sometimes Could, and best wishes for another 10.

A Good Adjective To Keep Handy

[2005-06-23 : 11:38:48] : Do you still go out for lunch?
[2005-06-23 : 11:43:16] : Very rarely.
[2005-06-23 : 11:43:34] : I’m thinking about going to Buffalo Wild Wings at some point soon.
[2005-06-23 : 11:43:54] : You don’t seem like a Buffalo Wild Wings sort of person to me.
[2005-06-23 : 11:44:10] : No, I’m not. It’s professional curiosity.
[2005-06-23 : 11:44:16] : I mean, I like wings and all.
[2005-06-23 : 11:45:13] : Professionally?
[2005-06-23 : 11:45:26] : Investment-professionally.
[2005-06-23 : 11:45:42] : Oh that’s right.
[2005-06-23 : 11:45:45] : I’d forgotten.
[2005-06-23 : 11:45:51] : Not that I’m a professional investor. I just don’t know what else to call that type of interest.
[2005-06-23 : 11:46:06] : Amateur.
[2005-06-23 : 11:46:15] : amateur curiosity?
[2005-06-23 : 11:46:16] : Avocational.
[2005-06-23 : 11:46:21] : That’s a good one.
[2005-06-23 : 11:46:31] : I know a lot of words.
[2005-06-23 : 11:46:43] : I’ve heard.
[2005-06-23 : 11:47:25] : An avocational investor. That’s a good phrase to keep handy.
[2005-06-23 : 11:47:47] : Also, an avocational improvisor.
[2005-06-23 : 11:49:33] : Also, an avocational reader.
[2005-06-23 : 11:50:01] : An avocational poop-taker. There’re really no limit with this adjective!
[2005-06-23 : 11:50:07] : Indeed!

Book Log – System of the World

System of the World: Volume 3 of the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson

Well, that’s it. I’m done with the trilogy, as of Tuesday. And I’m really sad. I simply wanted it to keep going. I read the last page of the Acknowledgements as my plane door opened in Atlanta from Arkansas this past week.

But the third volume was a great ending, and thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

Now, I feel I need to re-read Cryptonomicon. And thus, I will.

A 20 Year Break

After a 20 year lull, I am now the proud owner of another Apple product, thanks to .


The only downside is that I had to add another year to my age to get it.

Now, about those PodCasts that are all the rage with the kids these days…

I MISSED Hitchhiker’s?!?

How could I have missed Hitchhiker’s in the theater?

My 13 year old self is kicking my shins right now. Really hard.

Now we have to buy a larger television in preparation for the DVD. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy simply cannot be first viewed on a crappy 20″. Plus, I need to finally hang the rear surround speakers that have been sitting on a shelf for a year and a half.