A Weekend in Brief(s)

Friday Night

Went to see The Cherry Orchard with at Georgia Shakespeare. Bleah.

Which is not to say the Company Formerly Known As The Festival didn’t do a fine job with it. It’s just that Russian comedies just ain’t my thing, apparently. Stacey says it’s just dripping with historical literary significance, but I’d rather just read a blurb about it in a history of theater textbook.


Stacey let me sleep in until 8:30ish. Then, it was a fairly routine Saturday with household chores, contract work, storytime, naps, grocery shopping, then off to the pool sans potatoes. Stacey had to go to work for a short while that evening, and when she got back (after Roan’s bedtime), we watched the first couple episodes of The West Wing from Netflix. Oh, how I do like that show.


We met my high school friend Sarah and her partner Amy for breakfast at the Thumbs Up Diner. It was nice to catch up on the last 14 years. Old friends are good things to have around. And we managed to get through the visit without Stacey asking about the way I used to dress in high school. I probably won’t get that lucky next time; In advance, I’ll say that turquoise was very in then. Really.

With every intention of working on my contract work some more, Stacey and I crashed for a nap the same time Roan did. We woke up to a rainy afternoon, and so it was decided that Stacey would throw some cookies in the oven while I popped in The Incredibles. It held Roan’s attention for most of it, though he kept asking for the dancing spider to come back.

Stacey headed off to work the closing night of Streetcar around 6. Roan and I read some books, blew some bubbles, had some bath, and went to some sleep. I did some contract work until just a few minutes ago, and now I’m off to bed.