Book Log – What No One Ever Tells You About Starting Your Own Business

What No One Ever Tells You About Starting Your Own Business, Second Edition: Real Life Startup Advice from 101 Successful Entrepreneurs by Jan Norman.

A fairly interesting, general advice book on starting your own business. The author interviewed a bunch of business owners and asked what they wish they’d known. There’s plenty of good little stories about that sort of thing.

But a lot of it I had been told or witnessed myself, coming from a family of entrepreneurs and marrying into another family of entrepreneurs.

Still, not a bad read and gives me things to think about.

Book Log – The Truth (with Jokes)

The Truth (with Jokes) by Al Franken

While my politics don’t neatly fall into any catagory ( calls me a “libertarian not worth his salt” because I believe in legalizing just about everything but keeping fire departments and probably public schools1), I enjoy me some Al Franken.

What’s interesting is that his political books are getting progressively more serious. Rush Limbaugh was 75% wacky/25% serious political discussion. Liars about 50/50.

This one is about 85% serious critique of the current administration. The title is very apt. Serious discussion with a few jokes thrown in3.

I enjoyed it, and found it interesting. He makes a jest about running for congress, but after reading the book I wonder how much of a jest it is. It almost seems like he’s repositioning himself as a serious politician.

Anyway, good read.


1 I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a journal entry where I discussed my opinions on public schools that I could link to. Why on earth doesn’t LiveJournal have a search engine that would help me with that2?
2See how demanding I get when I’m a paid user? I’m insufferable.
3Al says there are only 2. I caught a few more.

Needs meme… all so very true.

Type “YOUR NAME needs” into Google and pull out the resulting declarations.

Ryan needs your advice
Ryan needs to be supervised because he can be physically aggressive with his peers;
Ryan Needs Special Care
Ryan Needs A Bra. Fast.
Ryan needs a room
Ryan needs one more win
Ryan needs to be given call to arms
Ryan Needs a Room in Arcata
Ryan needs his wheelchair to get about.