T minues 1 week and More People From My Neighborhood

From the guy who brought you The Dump email…

“Sounds like the cure is worse than the solution.”
-My soon to be ex-boss

Also, please welcome another blast from the past, !
She’s one of those jazz-singing/OBGYN doctor/mother of twins that are all
the rage these days.

was a freshman when I was a junior in high school
and had the good sense to stay in the Cincinnati area so she could have
access to Skyline Chili. There were probably some other reasons, but
that’s the one that sticks in my mind.

Her blog on the joys and sorrows of raising a pair of twins can be found
at http://www.xanga.com/hilkoh, but I sucked her into LJ so she could
comment without being anonymous.

People in my Neighborhood

There are people on my friends list that have known me a pretty good
amount of time.

goes back to late 1997.

, , and go back further, to early 1997.

beats them handily, going back to 1989.

But now, everyone please welcome someone from the High School Years, . I think she goes back to 1986 or 1987, when she was our favorite waitress at the Fairfield Friendly’s Ice Cream Shoppe. Also, she was a fellow class of ’89er, but that pales in comparison to her ability to bring me a Jim Dandy and later play opposite me in Harvey.

Welcome, Mare!

Curse you, weather!

I had planned on taking Roan to the pool tonight.

By the time I got his stuff together, I looked outside and the wind was howling and blowing the trees around, and there was thunder a-boomin’.

So I checked weather.com, and there was a heavy rain cloud about to engulf all of the metro area.

So I made some pizza instead.

But now that the pizza is made, the wind and thunder have completely disappeared, even though weather.com is showing this terrible rainstorm directly over our heads.

Global Warming is to blame for this, I just know it.

Book Log : A Fire Upon The Deep

A Fire Upon The Deep by Vernor Vinge

A loan from .

This was a really good read for sci-fi fans. There’s lots of fun ideas,
and it’s pretty well written.

Some concepts:

-Lupine creatures that are an entity made up of 4-8 wolf-like things.
Independantly, they’re scarce smarter than a standard wolf, but when close
enough, their minds work together (communicating through high-frequency
sound) to form a single personality.

-The Zones of Thought. The milky way is divided into several zones, from
the Unthinking Depths up to the Transcend. The closer to the galactic
core you get, the poorer technology works. So, faster than light travel
is possible at the level called the Beyond, but not in the Slowness (where
Earth is supposed to be). In the High Beyond and above that (the
Transcend) races can “evolve” into Powers… god-like things, but the
god-like things can’t exist in slower zones.

All good fun.

What I came to realize halfway through was that I had read a couple Vernor
Vinge novels back in high school: Across Realtime and Marooned
in Realtime
. Both of which I had loved, and recently had tried to
locate again (I couldn’t remember the title or author). But seeing the
titles in the Other Books By page brought it all back.

The Realtime novels play with a concept called “Bobbles”, which are
basically frozen-time spheres. You can create a Bobble around yourself,
and basically time stops for you until the Bobble dissolves. To people
outside the Bobble, it just looks like an impenetrable, indestructable
mirrored sphere.

So, if you want to travel through time (forwards, at least), you Bobble
yourself for however many years, and whammo, you’re in the Future.

Also good fun.

Book Log: QED

QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter by Richard Feynman

I finished this a while back, but for some reason never logged it. Better
late than never.

This is a transcription (with editing) of a 4-lecture series Mr. Feynman
did in Australia (I think) for the layman.

It’s really pretty accessible, absolutely fascinating and fairly witty.

The biggest thing that has my head spinning is the concept of
anti-matter being backwards-in-time traveling matter. At least, that’s
what the Feynman diagrams indicate; I’ve been searching around the web to
see if that’s actually what everyone believes these days and I haven’t
figured that out, yet.

But it’s still pretty cool.

Also, all along I was still thinking this wave/particle duality thing
still meant something, but turns out it’s definitely particles. No one
understands why, but it’s definitely particles. So there’s that.

Also, I have a better understanding of what holds atoms together, and what
electrical current is at the fundamental level. Though, I’d be loath to
have to explain it myself.

Consumed and Cars

I’ve been fairly Consumed with Important Things of late.

But, by far the most important is that weeRocket, and I went to see Pixar’s newest, Cars.

I had heard the reviews were bad, that the kids’ll like it, but it will fall flat for the adults. I had heard rumors that it was going to be Pixar’s first flop. I wouldn’t have faulted Pixar for it. Everyone stumbles.

The plot looked weak, basically a remake of Doc Hollywood except with cars.

But the fact of the matter is… I thought it rocked. I laughed out loud a lot. I even teared up at the end. And I have little interest in cars or car racing.

The thing I should’ve realized is that none of the Pixar plots are really revolutionary. It’s all in how they tell the story.

And man, they can tell a story.