Book Log – This Alien Shore

This Alien Shore by C.S. Friedman

I had actually read this several months ago, as part of the Great galbinus_caeli Book Loan of ’06, but for some reason forgot to log it.

This was a very cool story, with Space Dragons, altered humans, political intrigue, a schizophrenic heroine and all sorts of other good stuff. I probably would have had more to say about it had I struck while the spaceiron was hot, but alas I did not.

I remember that I read this in between (and a little bit simultaneously with) two Vernor Vinge books and got the two universes confused in my head at times.

Book Log – Darwin’s Radio

Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear

Thanks to galbinus_caeli for the loaner.

An interesting hard-science-fiction piece concerning DNA and evolution (an extremely punctuated equilibrium brand of evolution, though not necessarily one you want to read if you’re expecting. Much of the plot revolves around diseased pregnancies, and some of it takes place in Atlanta, with stops at local hospitals (Northside, for one, though thankfully Piedmont was not mentioned) and the CDC.

I think I’d like to check out the sequel, Darwin’s Children, because the ending of this book left room for exploration of the consequences.


I had in the back of my head the horrifying concept that raising a kid to age 18 costs something on the order of $100,000. I realize now that I got that number from a Calvin and Hobbes comic, and the actual number is much, much scarier.

Roughly $269,000 to $330,000 per kid. To age 18. That doesn’t include helping them with college tuition or diesel repair school.

There’s a guy here at work who has 8 kids. I’m sure he gets a volume discount, though.

Checking out Alexa

Keith and the Girl were celebrating having broken though the 50,000 mark recently on Alexa. Last night, I decided to do a little site-surfing on Alexa.

LiveJournal 68
The Motley Fool 974
Cisco 1,140
Keith and the Girl 38,526
Creative Loafing 42,880
Scientific Atlanta 76,996
Georgia Shakespeare 746,484
Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts 971,451
Dad’s Garage Theater 1,065,810
Alliance Theater 1,189,508
TheaterReview 1,221,688
Shakespeare Tavern 3,130,112 No Data

Psychology swiped from Fierce Rabbit

Yeah, that’s about right.

My Personality





Openness To Experience






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