Time Warp

Messing with the Daylight Savings Time? Really? Is that what needed to happen?


So, until we replace this whizbang alarm clock that I love, we will always have 2 weeks a year or something where it isn’t right, because it automatically sets the time, and adjusts for daylight savings… the old daylight savings, I mean.

We are not, by and large, farmers. We do not depend on the daylight to function anymore. Why is this Daylight thing still changing?

For that matter, why time zones? Why not just have 12:00 be dark in here but light on the other side of the world? And switch to a 24 hour clock? I will be in the office from 01:00 until 09:00, I would say, and everyone in the world would know when that is without doing any math in their heads. Who’s in charge of getting that switched over? The Swiss? Get on that, you Swissers.

Our meeting with Mexico was all screwed up today because they switched their time and we didn’t. I’m sure things like that happened all over the country.


Traffic… on Ice!

The AJC is reporting that traffic will be bad around here this weekend, because of several events. One of the ones it lists is “Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour”.

Really? That’s going to be a factor in traffic?

Maybe it has a really large cast that all drive separate oversized SUVs to get to the show.

R.I.P. Netbank

Netbank’s accounts (including ours) were acquired by INGDirect a few days ago. It was sinking fast, and declared bankruptcy.

We had all but one of our accounts with Netbank (including my business account), the other one was with INGDirect.

So… effortless consolidation!

But the thing about INGDirect is that they don’t like you to send in deposits. They prefer you deposit money in another bank, and electronically transfer it in, sortof a bank parasite. Previously, my other bank was Netbank so… what shall happen? Shall I be forced to open an account with some brick and mortar monstrosity? Ye GADS!

The one point of pride in this is that I analyzed the financials of Netbank in 2000 and saw some subtle red flags that prevented me from investing. It’s good to include our averted-disasters in with our clean wins in the investing world.

Every day…

I heard on NPR this morning that the Powers That Be in Atlanta finally admitted that Every Day Is Opening Day isn’t really a very good slogan.

Well… duh.

15 Million down the drain.

So, now they’re going to think up a newer, even better one.

Seriously, folks. Use the next $15M to help fix the sewers.