Book Log – Flynn’s World

Flynn’s World by Gregory McDonald

Flynn, a spinoff character from the Fletch novels is back in a heavy-handed thinly-veiled dissertation of the author’s philosophical beliefs, full of straw men and deus ex machina.

I’m not saying I disagree with what he’s trying to say but I almost want to with the way this light mystery novel shoves it down my throat.

Best I can figure, McDonald wanted to add an extra bedroom on his ranch or something, so he whipped this sucker out. By far the weakest of any novel he’s ever written.

But also… short.

The Other Me

I think this happens often, the Other You that people you know keep seeing.

My boss told me he saw me driving on Peachtree Industrial in Norcross on Sunday. Except, I wasn’t in Norcross on Sunday. As far as I know.

In order to prove it wasn’t me, I said, “He wasn’t driving a Honda Civic, was he?”

“Well, yes,” my boss replied, “I think he was.”

The power of suggestion. “What color?”


“I drive a black Honda Civic.”

“Well, this was an older one.”

“Old, like late nineties?”


“I drive a 1997.”

“Are you sure you weren’t in Norcoss yesterday?”

“Yes, pretty sure. Unless I blacked out and went for a drive.”

The Other Me In Atlanta has been seen by others before. Who knew he’s got my car now?

Book Log – Psmith, Journalist

Psmith, Journalist by P.G. Wodehouse

I downloaded this novelette for free from Project Gutenburg and read it on my Palm Z22. It’s actually the most recent of many Wodehouse novels I’ve read this year, all of which I have failed to document for one reason or another.

I particularly wanted to record this one because I feel that the main character, Psmith, is virtually identical to Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently, if you remove the supernatural elements from the Gently stories and make the character thin. It’s a bit like discovering a few unpublished Gently novels, after assuming there would be no more owing to Adams’ untimely passing.

In one of the other novels I read recently, I saw the prototype for the relationship storyline in So Long and Thanks for All The Fish where boy meets girl in a car ride but not learning anything about her, a chance meeting later on, an overbearing brother, etc, so I knew there were some loosely borrowed plot lines between Wodehouse and Adams.

All very interesting. It’s like getting a backstage tour into the workings of Adams’ mind.

These tiny, tiny shoes are made for walkin’

This story has no punchline or climax, it’s just some stuff that happened.

Yesterday before dinner and after hanging some Xmas lights, Scout, RocketBoy and I went for a walk/ride around the block.

RocketBoy rode his bike, and Scout elected to walk instead of be carried. RB is still working on handling hills and managing brakes, so Scout and I were able to keep up.

It occurs to me that walking with RB with he was Scout’s age would have taken forever because a) he couldn’t walk yet and 2) even when he could walk, he was much too distracted by shiny objects to “walk” for more than a few steps at a time. It’s not that Scout’s not fascinated with the world around her, it’s more that there is a enormous shiny object that is her brother on a bike, and by gum, we must catch up with it and touch the shiny, shiny spokes.

But it was a nice walk, and I felt a certain amount of relief that RocketBoy has finally decided that you can push the pedals and make the bike go without someone to give you a push.

RocketBoy’s Letter to Santa

(as dictated to electricrocket)

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like a toy solar system where the planets go around the sun. Also, I would like a Saturn ball that is like a ball with rings, and a Jupiter ball.

Here are some other things I would like:

  • A picture of the solar system for my wall.
  • Balls that look like the planets.
  • Another planet movie… “Why is the moon always following me?”1 like on Fantastic Field Trip to the Planets.
  • The Lion King: Simba’s Big, Big Surprise, the movie.2
  • Another Amelia Bedilia book, Amelia Bedilia’s First Birthday Party where she thinks her birthday cake is an animal. 3
  • A globe of Mercury, or a Jupiter globe.4
  • Something I can kick, not a soccer ball, but like a machine. A kickball.
  • A pretend turkey. One I can play with, not a puppet like the one I have.

Thank you,

Love, RocketBoy (signed by Rocketboy)

P.S. For Scout, I would like a toy, a baby toy. Also:

  • A piano for her that’s different than mine.
  • A shaker thing or something. An egg that you can shake. You know, an instrument egg.
  • Another baby crayon because she only has two.
  • Some blocks

Thank you,
Love, Scout

1 This is a song that’s on the companion CD to the movie, but was not used. Rocketboy is requested the part of the movie that has that song in it. This does not exist.
2 He made this up, it does not exist.
3 He made this up, it does not exist.
4 I have not located either of these. As far as I can tell, they only have Mars and Earth globes out there.

Boo ING Direct

I’m working off some bad financial karma this week, I guess.

We’ve had a situation during our transition from Netbank to ING Direct where for the last week, we’ve had no checking account available to us to pay bills. The one that has the money (ING Direct) is locked because I forgot about a $18.00 check written to the Boy Scouts back in September that just got cashed on the old Netbank account right before a Netbank-ING Direct transfer went through for the last of the cash in the Netbank account.

The upshot of which is that it triggered some automated-fraud-detection thingy at ING Direct (even though it’s essentially an intra bank transfer since they ARE Netbank now), and they locked the only checking account we have available for an undetermined number of days, it’s been 5 so far. No, they can’t tell me when it will be available. No, there’s no way to get it unlocked so I can pay my mortgage. No, there’s no one I can talk to about this. No, they have no ideas about how to get the money in my savings account transferred out to pay the mortgage on time. No, they simply can not help me. They are awfully sorry, though. Don’t I have some other checking account at another bank I could use?

Not yet, no. But soon.

Luckily, I called the mortgage company, and they were able to do a wire transfer out of our ING Direct savings account to cover the payment today. Whew.

So, in summary, Boo, ING Direct, boo.