Book Log – Fragile Things

Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman

A collection of short stories akin to Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors which I read about a year ago.

I remember being wowed by Smoke and Mirrors. I enjoyed this book, but I’m not walking away with a “wow” feeling. Is it because it’s more of the same? Is it because these short stories aren’t quite as awesome as the last one? Am I reading it in a different mood, less receptive to this mode of storytelling? Dunno.

Fairly or unfairly, this one wasn’t as memorable but still enjoyable. Of course, a more positive spin would be “almost as good as that awesome Smoke and Mirrors book!”

Possibly, there just weren’t enough short vampire stories in this one, though there were a few.

Kids Books Poll

A previous post about Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, which apparently I am the only child to have ever read of, has made me curious about how obscure some of the other books were that I read growing up. I never read the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew series, which I’m pretty sure means my parents should have been arrested or at least fined.

So, which of the following have you read or heard of?

1. Danny Dunn series (such as Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint)1
2. The Great Brain series
3. The Boxcar Children series

That’s all I can think of for now in terms of series. Any other good suggestions?

1 terracinque and I have discussed this series in the past, and I believe she felt that this had been popular about a half-generation before me.

There are Plastic Objects in my Nose

While there are a great many worse things in the world, recovering from septum surgery is not a great way to spend a weekend.

There are high points in the form of much good DVD watching… since Friday I have watched what may have been my favorite Doctor Who episode yet, The Girl In The Fireplace. Of course, it may have been the really awesome painkillers I’m on that enhanced the enjoyment, because I can tell you that my love for the world knows no bounds when I’ve taken a couple of those pills. Israel and Palestine should definitely take a dose of this before heading into peace talks; We could have solved that problem years ago.

I also tried out the Netflix Instant Play downloadable movie option and watched Welcome to the Dollhouse, which was okay. I knocked out terracinque recommended film, Sullivan’s Travels which was funny and also explained the title to the Coen Bros.’ Oh, Brother Where Art Thou. My brother’s girlfriend loaned me her Heroes, Season 1 DVD set, which I watched straight, all the way through, to the last episode. Which may explain why I’m certain that the plastic things in my nose are some sort of implant from a secret organization out to destroy New York City.

I’m told the surgery went well, and thus far recovery has gone according to plan, so that’s all good. I won’t get the benefit of results until next week or later. In fact, I’m going to remain in this Super Congested state until Thursday when they remove the Plastic Objects from my nose.

Regardless, even with the Super Pain Killers, it’s a very uncomfortable way to be. Lots of gross maintenance of bandages and whatnot. The skin of my cheeks are raw from the gauze tape being ripped off and reapplied.

Ick. This too shall pass.


I think I’ve decided1 that when we remodel our “master” bathroom, it should be done in SteamPunk style.

Apparently, this is going to be easier, as the SteamPunk movement is starting to pop up in mainstream advertisements for sink fixtures.

Copper pipes, pressure and flow gauges, gears for knobs… hmmm.

This person is working towards a SteamPunk home.

1 Read: “I have decided to try and convince steakums

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Okay… who knows Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle?

Did anyone else grow up reading these books? They were written in the late 1940’s, early 1950’s.

My grandmother had gotten a set for me, and I got a copy for Rocketboy and Scout for Christmas this year. RocketBoy and I have started reading it and he seems to be into the stories. I had a hard time getting him to try it because it has very few pictures but he was lured in when I told him Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle lives in an upside down house.

I was thinking about how they would be easily adapted to stage so I checked, and sure enough, someone’s written a stage musical. Also, HBO reportedly made a series starring Jean Stapleton as Mrs. P-W, but the user comment on IMDB is that the series is only vaguely based on the books.

Anyway, they’re good books and, despite when they were written, still hold up pretty well.