Book Log – Sloppy Firsts

Sloppy Firsts: A Novel by Megan McCafferty

Really, despite the claims of the jacket cover saying this book is meant for anyone 15-99, I had no business reading this, except perhaps for the purposes of getting inside the mind of a teenage girl. Because I’ll have one at some point. In about 10 years. By which point I will have forgotten everything about this book, if I haven’t already.

steakums‘ friend sent this and the second in the series (out of four so far), Second Helpings. This one chronicles the story of the year in the life of a smart girl growing up in a small, coastal New Jersey town. steakums‘ friend got this for her because the both were smart girls growing up in a small, coastal New Jersey town. They spent summers at the boardwalk (though steakums claims with pride that she was one of the few who didn’t work there), which is mentioned quite a bit in the book.

So that’s why steakums should read it. All I can say is I was looking for something that would in no way strain my brain, which this book certainly did not. I was looking for an antidote to the barrage of doom and gloom of the news of the world. There were certainly no large issues to grapple with in this tome.

So, mission accomplished. But, this combined with Cringe means that I’m all set for teenage angst for the rest of the year.

Or decade.