Knowing Your Strengths

After Karate class last Saturday, RocketBoy walked right up to me.

RB: Dad, I’m not very good at Karate, I’m not very good at art, and I’m not very good at music. But what I am good at… is believing. And caring.

The other folks paused and looked at him strangely, and then went on with their day. I kept a straight face, because I live with this kid.

Later on, we were having lunch, and I pressed the topic.

Me: RocketBoy, I think you’re doing very well at Karate, and I like your art. Also, you sing very well. I don’t understand why you don’t think you’re good at those things.

RB: Well, I’m not bad at those things, I’m just really good at believing.

Me: Explain. What is something you believe?

RB: Well, I believe that there is another galaxy that no one’s ever been to. And there are people in that galaxy.

Me: Okay, I can go along with that.

RB: Also, there are large tortoises and veeeery tiny rabbits there.

Me: Ooookay. Anything else.

RB: Oh, yes. There are other very tiny animals there, too.

Me: Gotcha.

RB: I’m very good at believing that.

Me: I can’t imagine anyone better.