Book Log – El Bulbo Clase Media

El Bulbo Clasemedia por Sebastian Carrillo “Bachan”

This is the first book compiling the spanish-language El Bulbo webcomics, which I’ve been reading for about a year. I am finally to a point where I can understand them fully, so I ordered the book as a sort-of reward. Also, I dearly love webcomics, and like to support them when possible.

El Bulbo is an animated-by-dark-magic Vacuum Tube superhero.

“A gigantic monster attacking the city!”
“After all this time! At last! A job! What happiness!”
“I will be able to pay the rent! The telephone! A chance to buy myself a new cape!”

The comic is silly, but entertaining, and Bachan is one of my favorite comics artists. He has another series called Vinny about an anthropomorphic dog detective, which is also good.