Tiny Auto Mechanic

Yesterday morning, my car wouldn’t start… the battery appeared to be low.

But Scout was not having any of that explanation.  She announced, after casting a keen eye over the vehicle, that the problem was the tires were stuck in the mud and all the air had been pulled out of them.  Furthermore, if she were to stick her Nintendo DS into the engine compartment, that would probably fix it.  Also, try honking the horn.

I expect her diagnostic bill to come to somewhere around $750.

Book Log – Songbook

Songbook by Nick Hornby

With this work, I have completed my reading of the Non-Fiction and Fiction oeuvre of available Nick Hornby… or have I?

According to Wikipedia, there’s something called Contemporary American Fiction he wrote in 1992.  No real info about what it is.  Hmm.  And there’s some short stories and edited anthologies I haven’t bothered with.  And I gave up on Fever Pitch… I’m not going back, because I simply don’t care about football/soccer that much.

And actually, that’s why I haven’t read Songbook until now.  I was afraid of another Fever Pitch, except about music.  And I don’t care about music either, to own the truth.

Which is not to say I don’t enjoy watching and playing soccer, or listening to music.   I just don’t burn a lot of energy thinking about it.

But it is Nick Hornby, and the passion and wit he brings to talking about books in his Believer column is present here, to the extent that I almost, for a moment or two, was interested in checking out some of the music he’s talking about.  The feeling still comes and goes a bit.  Hopefully, it will pass, because I don’t need to see funds desperately needed to buy books get funneled into mp3s.



Weekend ReMix

So, on my bachelor weekend, I turned to hookers and blow.

And by “hookers”, I mean “home projects”.  And by “blow”, I mean “pizza”.

I installed shelving along one wall of the garage, and organized it all.  Hopefully, it will stay that way.  We still have Too Many Things in there, that needs to be addressed.

I worked on the countertop mods around the stove, cutting and staining the wood that will go there.  I removed the backsplash behind the oven, and cleaned and painted the walls.  Painted the cabinet door from the old stove.

All in all, it was about 14 hours of work.  Then did the regular house cleaning and laundry.  It was nice to control my own schedule and just power through the jobs.

Stacey and Scout had a great time with friends in Pigeon Forge, doing a mountain hike and OHMIGODWESWAMINTHEHOTTUB.

They traveled with Scout’s friend L__ and her family up to meet a group of other old friends.  All told, there were about 8 or 9 kids to play with, and the adults could pretty much gab uninterrupted.

On the way home, they stopped somewhere called Goats on the Roof, which had… goats on the roof.  You could feed the goats, reportedly.  There, on the roof.

RocketBoy got back from his world tour.  He said he was sad we weren’t there; He felt like the family should have been with him, at least at Rock City.  I promised we could go back as a family, and he could be our guide.

I dropped him off Saturday morning, and then traveled up to their first stop at the Chattahoochee Nature Center for the Earth Day Kids festival.  Parking was full, so I had to drive two miles away and catch a shuttle.  I missed the first song, and RocketBoy let me know he knew it.

They do a good concert, those kids.  Then they hopped back on the bus to head up to Rock City, a Ronald McDonald house near Chattanooga, and the to the hotel.

At the hotel, RocketBoy couldn’t find his swimsuit (the suitcase is a tiny one… It’s hard to understand why he had to search for “an hour” for it).  Then, once in the pool, he hit his head on the side when someone bumped into him, and had to go back to his room to recuperate.  So, not a lot of swimming to be had there.

He stayed in a room with a counselor and one other boy, who he got to know.  He was nervous he wouldn’t get to know anyone, but he did pal around with two other boys, so all was well.

Sunday morning, they went to a Presbyterian church to perform, and I guess had to listen to the sermon, because he cited a low point as “having to listen to some guy tell a story I didn’t understand about Jesus and some goats.”   I sympathized; I was never clear on the goat story myself.

When he got back from the trip, the director came up to me and said one of the counselors had told her a story about RocketBoy.  I cringed, because “I have a story about RocketBoy” could go either way, quirky kid that he is.

But the story went that when they were done singing at the Ronald McDonald house, he struck up a conversation with a family that was staying there, and heard about their baby daughter who was in the NICU “just like Scout was”.  After he heard that, he went and found an employee of the house and asked to make a donation.  He took a $1 from his “treat money” we gave him, and handed it over, because “they needed it more than I did.”

So, I’m going to stop cringing.

In the final tally, he lost a shoe, but gained someone’s pants, and had a good time, so we’ll call it a win.

Chatta- World Tour

Stacey and Scout are off to Dollywood, and RocketBoy is packed for his World Tour leaving tomorrow morning.

The Atlanta Young Singers are boarding a bus, sans parents, and heading off to the Chattahoochee Nature Center for a concert, then off to Rock City for a performance, then on to Chattanooga for another performance.  Then a hotel (trashing it, I assume), and in the morning another performance.  They are performing fools.

I, of course, will be here alone, kicking back, taking it ea– wait, what’s this gargantuan pile of laundry, sink full of dirty dishes, wrecked house and 20 item project list?