Book Log 2017: Year in Review

Books read in 2004: 21
Books read in 2005: 28
Books read in 2006: 40
Books read in 2007: 30
Books read in 2008: 41
Books read in 2009: 22
Books read in 2010: 44
Books read in 2011: 28
Books read in 2012: 31
Books read in 2013: 8
Books read in 2014: 13
Books read in 2015: 18
Books read in 2016: 52
Books read in 2017: ~24

I’m writing this summary a year after the fact, as my logging fell apart in April 2017. There’s probably some missed books, but that’s on me.

24. The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.: A Novel by Neal Stephenson, Nicole Galland
A solid time travel romp. Can’t go wrong with Neal Stephenson; worst case you get a pretty good novel.

23. Artemis: A Novel by Andy Weir
Not as great as The Martian, but a darn fine novel worth reading.

22. The Sherlockian by Graham Moore
Mmm… okay book about fictionalized unsolved Sherlock mysteries.

21. The Last Days of Night: A Novel by Graham Moore
Tesla, Westinghouse, Edison in a fictionalized account. Pretty good.

20. Lockwood & Co. Book Five: The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud
19. Lockwood & Co. Book Four: The Creeping Shadow by Jonathan Stroud
So sad to see this YA series end. I’m hoping my kids dive into this one, but no takers yet.

18. Gnatz By M.H. Van Keuren
Another well-written near-future sci-fi novel. Disney-esque kid stars, nano-drone robots, drugs of forgetting… lots of cool elements to the tale, and engaging throughout.

17. The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog by Adam Gidwitz and Hatem Aly
Read to Scout. Well written fantastical adventure story set in the time of King Louis of France.

16. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan
15. Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan
Two great graphic novel series. Y: The Last Man is complete, but I eagerly await the next edition of Saga.

14. Run Program by Scott Meyer
Meh. Not my favorite Scott Meyer, but even a minor work is worth a read from this author.

13. The Scrum Field Guide by Mitch Lacey
12. Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction by Chris Sims, Hillary Louise Johnson [Kindle]
11. The Scrum Master Training Manual: A Guide to the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Exam by Nader K. Rad, Frank Turley [Kindle]
10. Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland, JJ Sutherland [Kindle]
All of these for work… interesting methodology, though. I look forward to trying it out.

9. A Conspiracy of Paper: A Novel by David Liss
Enjoyable historical fiction.

8. Lexicon by Max Barry
My wife scoffed at the premise when I described it, which only goes to show Max Barry is a better writer than I. Worth the read.

7. Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play
My wife saw the play and loved it… some gets lost in the reading rather than the viewing, but I see the bones of a very entertaining piece.

6. Hidden Figures Young Readers Edition by Margot Lee Shetterly
An excellent story that probably most folks have seen in movie form by now. I mistakenly got the Young Readers Edition, possibly the regular version would have been even better?

5. The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu and translated by Ken Liu
A rich novel chock full to the brim of ideas and good characters.

4. Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar
3. Holes by Louis Sachar
Read these with my daughter; Louis Sachar does not disappoint with well crafted stories that work for kids and adults alike.

2. The Supremes’ Greatest Hits by Michael G. Trachtman
Very readable summary of the most important cases by the Supreme Court. Highly recommended.

1. A More Perfect Constitution by Larry J. Sabato
I don’t know if we’ll ever have the political climate to allow for a third constitutional convention, but this book is thick with interesting ideas for updating