Book Log – Legitimacy

Legitimacy by M. H. Van Keuren

This book log will do no one any good… yet.

Because you can’t read this book yet. It hasn’t been published.

That’s right, I’m part of an elite handful of people who have been allowed to read this book. That’s how cool I am.

A friend of mine from college wrote it, and asked me to take a look at the manuscript. I was a little wary, because the last time I was asked to read a friend’s science-fiction book, it was an painful disaster1. But, that was written by a janitor with a high school education, this by a graduate of Northwestern’s Radio/TV/Film school. So… different.

And different in quality, too. This book’s legit. It’s got compelling and interesting characters, smooth and readable writing, and an intriguing and believably built world. Also, a lemur. Sort of.

The only downside is I had to print and staple it, cause I couldn’t get it to format right for reading on my phone.

I like to read new things2.

1 The book is so bad, I’ve hidden my review in a private post that no one but myself can read. You are welcome.
2 I’m so cool and exclusive, I reference lines from books you can’t possibly have read.