A plain, old weekend was had.


went to a work event and then a Falcons game after work, so Roan and I took a bike ride, then had some dinner. He was about to fall asleep in his high chair, so we skipped the bath and went right to book and bed. He didn’t complain, so I knew he was tired. He was out by 7:45pm, which was very, very nice.

I took advantage of this unexpected free time to work on Fjord the Hjort, a puppet I’ve been slowly working on for about a year. I had brought it to the Colonel Fuddy Duddy rehearsal on Wednesday to work on it while we discussed the show, but Lucky took one look at my abysmal stitching and took it away from me. He spent the meeting correcting my handiwork, and the man knows puppet stitching, I’ll tell you that. I tried to follow his advice to complete the stitching work, and I did improve quite a bit, but you can definitely tell which parts were done by the pro.

I also watched The Office documentary on disc 2 of the set loaned us. Worth the watch, as he said.

Roan woke up at around 10:00 or so, and I put him back to sleep, then headed that way myself.


Stacey and Roan headed to Gymboree around 9:15, and I, thinking to lie down for a bit to sleep off the final stages of a coldish thing, fell asleep for a couple hours. It was very, very nice. There are lots of thing you give up when having a child, but by far the most annoying is the ability to take a nap at will. Sometimes, I just need a nap.

Later, as Roan has become vocal about requesting bike rides, we rode the bike over to where some neighbors we know were supposed to be having a garage sale, but apparently had been called on account of rain.

Stacey went with a crew to see in Last of the Red Hot Lovers at around 1ish.

We went to the Crazy Asian Hair Cutters (more commonly known as Little Scissors on Briarcliff) to trim Roan’s mane. He was very good during the trip, in stark contrast to his last cut. The stylist berated me for not letting Roan have a lollipop. “You bad father!” She asked if this was my first, and I said yes. “Ah! That explain. Next one will be eating lollipop by his age, no problem.”

Next, a trip to CompUSA to pick up the latest Quicken 2005. I haven’t updated since 2002, and it’s starting to give me problems interfacing with online accounts. Netbank in particular revamped how it interfaces, and my old Quicken just couldn’t hack it.

I thought going to a local CompUSA and getting one of America’s most popular software titles would be an easy task, and having a toddler along would be no problem. He had done beautifully with the hair thing, a quick in-and-out of the store should be nothing.

But. It plays out like this:

  1. There were no shopping carts to store and contain a toddler.
  2. The shelves that were supposed to bear “Quicken 2005 Deluxe” boxes were empty.
  3. The toddler loves to pull things off of shelves and fling them.
  4. It took 15 minutes to find a red shirt to see if there were any in the back.
  5. The toddler loses it when prevented from flinging things off the lower shelves.
  6. The Quicken in question comes with a free USB Storage Device/Pen Combo, which must be located before the red shirt can give me the Quicken software itself.
  7. The toddler is REALLY losing it, and people are starting to stare.
  8. By gum, I am NOT leaving this store until I get a damn box o’ Quicken, because it took me a long time to locate the CompUSA, because I had misunderstood where it was.
  9. The red shirt, after another 15 minutes, has found one of the free USB pens, but there is no cardboard back to the package, is that okay?
  10. YES, that is VERY okay. Dammit.
  11. The toddler continues to lose it.
  12. 2 of the 4 checkout lanes are open, and there are 6 people in each line, each, apparently, buying computer supplies for an entire company.
  13. The teller in the line I am in is having some problem with the cash register, and checking out the person in front of me. The other line is moving quickly.
  14. The screaming toddler has now summoned the manager, who goes to help my teller.
  15. The customer whose transaction is muddled, turns and says “it sounds like he doesn’t want to be here.” No, I agree, I do not believe he does.
  16. The toddler, which in my mind has become known as “Chaos Boy”, is now actively trying to climb me as a means of escape, and kicks Quicken out of my hand, and I now just shuffle it along with my feet.
  17. I am hit with an epiphany: Why do I care if Chaos Boy flings their stupid things? I put him down.
  18. Chaos Boy returns to Happy Toddler mode, and begins playing with a box of printer paper that he can just barely lift.
  19. It is my turn at the cashier. They check me out quickly, eying their boxes of printer paper all the while.
  20. I discover that the “free” pen is only free after rebate, and I will have to apply for the $80 in rebates from both Quicken and the Pen.

We get home, and Roan demands another bike ride (“bike! bike!”) to the park, which we do. Then a nap.

When he wakes up, he is powerful cranky, and only sitting on my lap and watching an episode of Wallace and Grommet calms him down. I am very excited that he is entertained by Wallace and Grommet, because I am, too. Afterwards, we make some pasta and sauce, which by some miracle he eats.

Stacey gets home a little while later, and Roan is freshly washed and pajamaed, and we have discovered a game that rates high in hilarity by all toddler’s polled: rolling a plastic Cool Whip bin top on it’s edge, or throwing it as a Frisbee. Stacey puts him to bed while I go down to unravel the tangled mess our finance tracking has become with the ancient Quicken. The upgrade goes fine and fixes all problems, except that one of our checking accounts, after automatically updating the data online, shows our balance to be negative $22,000 . A few heart palpitations later, I find the errors, and we’re back in positive territory.

I have not tried out the USB Flash Drive Pen. I will resent it until the rebate checks come in.


We are up at 6:00 with the cockle-doodle-doo that is Roan. Breakfast, watch a video about Farm Animals (“moo!”), a bike ride and short trip to the park, showers, and grocery shopping. At 10:15, I head to Hundredth Monkey Investment Club meeting while Stacey manages the Boy of Chaos for the morning.

Back home after noon, lunch, and goofing around with the fam. Stacey and Roan have created an art project where they cut out pictures of babies (Ro’s latest obsession) from a Parenting magazine and glued them together in a collage.

I went to a 4:00 Colonel Fuddy Duddy tech rehearsal, towing the puppet along again. It is decided that I will play the Colonel for the inaugural show. The Colonel is a picture of one of the early U.S. presidents (like Uncle Grampa was), but with a moving mechanical mouth. This way, anyone can play the Colonel on any given week.

The show has a little more form now, but as Matt said, don’t be discouraged if the first couple weeks are rough; We’ll muddle through.

I met Stacey and Roan at the park, and took a survey from some Emory students on my usage of the park. Steve and Allysa were there with Morgan, a 2 year old. We’ve met them out on evening walks and at the pool. Roan and Morgan cracked each other up going up and down the slide. The adults all lamented not getting the joke, because it sounded like a laugh riot.

Home for a grilled-out dinner, bath, books and bed. Stacey went for a walk with Marky (a neighbor we know through Chris and Nicole from Dad’s) and when she got back, I convinced her to watch a couple episodes of The Office. Only two more and we can return the DVDs to .

Roan was up 8 or 9 times last night. I’m not sure what’s up with him the past few days. Stacey thinks he’s going through a developmental stage, so his mind is busy. He has been on a word-acquiring streak lately. Plus, he’s learned to jump. Jump, white boy, jump!

So, I’m drowsy today. But Steve officially told me I’m getting the office… soon, oh so soon…