Letters to Camp – Day 1

Heeeey [Kids],

A fine day here, except that it thunderstormed and rained out Shake at the Lake (what your mom was doing) and swim practice (what I was doing). So I did laundry instead. So, maybe not such a fine day.

We saw a picture of you washing a horse yesterday, so I’m glad to see you are still existing. There weren’t any pictures of your sister, so we’re not sure about her. Maybe she doesn’t exist. Maybe I’ve only imagined her the past seven years. If you’ve been imagining her too, then write me and let me know. I’ll feel better.

There was one thing, though, I should probably mention. During the thunderstorm, I looked out the window. And during a flash of lightning, there was a… form… on the front lawn. I hesitate to tell you what shape it was, because, well, I don’t think you’ll believe me.

Anyway, never mind. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Some jokes!

Why is the obtuse triangle upset?
Because it’s never right.

What vegetables to librarians like?
Quiet peas.

How did the music teacher get locked in the classroom?
His keys were inside the piano!

That’s all for today, hope all is well!

Dad + Mom