Book Log #44 – The Pale Horseman (Saxon Tales Book 2)

The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell (Amazon, Kindle, $9.99)

Continuation of the Saxon series. Continues to be Game of Thrones Lite, but with actual history of England as the basis.

The author has notes at the end about where the story deviates from history, which is interesting.

There are echoes of plotlines from Game of Thrones… a healer/witch who heals the son of the king, which causes the death of another boy. Death for life, which is reminiscent of the “healing” of the Khalesi’s husband (Drago?) in GoT. There were other parallels I’ve forgotten.

All in all, a good read. I’ll probably continue in the series.

Books Read: 44
Weeks : 45
Ratio: 0.977

For the first time since starting this, my ratio drops below 1.0. Scary times! Desperate measures are called for! I need 8 more books in the next 7 weeks!