Book Log #49 – A Sneaky Little Snoop Like Me

A Sneaky Little Snoop Like Me by Anna Mildred Dunkle Meadows, Edited by Ryan J. Lucas

My grandmother wrote down some stories of her early life before she died, and those pages have been floating amongst family members for years now. I finally took the plunge and wrote them up and made them into a book, along with a batch of research on As of this writing, 3 copies are being made and sent to my parents’ home in time for Xmas gifting.

So, I have to set the publish date for December 25, 2016. Many will cry out until then, “Why did you skip #49!??” but I can give them no answer… And after then, “Why is #49 out of order!? WHY?” And hopefully, this will explain.

Books Read: 49
Week Number: 49