Grrr… I’m a Video Director

I organized my basement lab this week, and got a VCR hooked up to my computer so that I may dub the multitude of videos I was either in or directed in college.

I dubbed one of them this morning, and thusly, you can view the web premiere of Flight of Imagination, a piece I did during my stint as an R/TV/F minor in 1992, back in the days of 3/4″ tape and really expensive linear editing systems.

Neither of the stars were actors persay… Perry (The Pilot), a star journalism student at Northwestern, went on to be an editor of a Virginia newspaper and then to teach journalism at a university in Michigan. M.H. (the Lego Tank guy), an R/TV/F major, went on to be the manager of a ginormous convention center in Virginia. So, I guess this wasn’t their big break. But still, I thought they did a good job. The two actors’ future wives were my GodLike Crew.

Grrr… I’m A Dinosaur Productions
Flight of Imagination
Time: 4:14, Size: 13.1MB, Flash Video