Oopie from the past

Remember that Oopie craze from the early 90’s? That wacky unbalanced inflated ball that took the country by storm, kind of like a modern hula hoop?


Probably because it never happened. I can only blame myself. And stronglanguage. And a college friend of mine who went on to become a film editor in L.A. Led by that editor, we created and entered the video below in a contest sponsored by the company that made the Oopie (Nerf? Can’t remember) and won a projection TV for our dorm. Our video highlighting the mad, crazy fun that could be had with an Oopie did not, however, succeed in convincing anyone. Possibly because of the foreboding Frankensteinian message contained therein.

That editor posted the video on YouTube a while back, and I recently received the link. I am the one on the baseball mound, being much skinnier than I am now.