On drawing, taming Eden, trips, Driving, home

I read the Comics Curmudgeon every day, and there has been an advertisement on there for The Structure of Man set of DVDs for learning to do figure drawing from scratch (rather than from a model), essentially cartooning. I watched an excerpt during lunch today and thought it looked good.

Drawing is one of those hobbies that I’ve returned to on and off. I don’t have any innate talent at it, but I really enjoy the activity of pencil on paper, trying to capture something. So, through dogged persistence I’ve acquired a modicum of skill, but almost all of it is geared towards reproducing what I see in front of me, rather than creating illustrations from imagination. Of course, one helps with t’other to an extent.

I loved the drawing class I took in college, and the one I took here at the Woodruff Arts Center. They have these benches that you straddle, and mount a board with clips on to hold your paper. It’s an ideal position for drawing. If you draw with paper flat on a table and don’t lean over it far enough, drawings can come out elongated when you hold them up perpendicular to your line of eyesight. The bench and board put the drawing surface at just the right angle. Despite the fact that they look uncomfortable, I always had no problem with using them for the three hour classes.

If I have free time during our beach vacation this year, I’m going to focus on figure drawing from scratch. Unfortunately, it’s more like exercising than riding a bike… the skills deteriorate when neglected.

steakums had a visit with goudabonbon today and their fancy new backyard playset, and came back all fired up to do some damage to the savage wilderness behind our house. I see a lot of yardwork in my immediate future.

Not that I’m complaining. Whenever I grill on our back deck, I look down upon the monstrous foliage and think You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.

Where did I put my machete?

I go back to Juarez in a couple weeks. I suppose I’ve had enough of a reprieve that I shouldn’t complain.

I think I’m going to go see Drove at Dad’s Garage tomorrow night. Anyone stalking me… that’s where you’ll find me. Probably.

It is now time to go home.