The Beach, Part III: Introducing the Wickles

There was one thing I failed to mention about the beach: Wickles.

My Uncle Mike and his wife Betty joined us for the first day, and Mike brought 2 jars of Wickles… Wicked Pickles. They are a spectacularly well-seasoned pickles. He got them in the Publix out there in S.C., but steakums couldn’t find them in our local Publix.

I may resort to ordering them online. De-lish.

Ready for launch

T-3 days until vacation at the beach.’s 10 day outlook for Beaufort, NC is Isolated Thunderstorms, 30-40% chance of precipitation. Highs in the mid/low 80’s, lows in the mid/low 70’s.

To me, that sounds idyllic.

I have downloaded some YouTube videos on figure drawing and converted them to MPEG to create a DVD, in the naive hope that I will have some free time to doodle.

Scout will be the issue. How to entertain a 10 month old at the beach? There are no barriers in the house per say, so it will be 7 days solid of chasing after the crawling speed demon.

What on earth are we thinking?