Cars, Memory, and Weddings

It must be known that my car is very, very clean right now. And, the oil has been changed.

I am not known for having a clean car. Quite the opposite. I have had a coworker take me aside and offer to help me clean my car, as if I didn’t know how. It’s one of those things that, while getting a supreme feeling of accomplishment for having done so, I can rarely muster up the motivation to give a car a good scrubbing. Nor do I have the presence of mind to do the maintenance cleaning of simply carrying things in when I get out.

So, I end up with strata after strata of Google Map printouts, empty graham cracker bags, empty oil containers, and, inexplicably, one of steakums‘ shoes.

But, the place up here where I get my oil changed does a free inside-and-out cleaning. So I’m lovin’ it. Maybe this time, he naively hopes, it will stay that way.

Yesterday, I listened to WNYC’s RadioLab podcast on Memory and Forgetting which has been buzzing in my brain since then. It is getting to be a regular thing where I come home excited and say to steakums, “So, I heard this really incredible stuff on RadioLab…” Dutifully, she listens attentively each time.

Since it’s much more entertaining to hear it on RadioLab, here’s the bullet points under the cut

Accomplishment, Thy Name is This Past Weekend

Man, I’ve got an accomplishment buzz.

The garage? I went medieval on the garage.

Things I cleared out or quarantined for disposal:

– The desiccated corpse of a rat
– 5 Advanced D&D Dungeon Master Guides, 2 Fiend Folios, 3 years worth of Dragon Magazine, 4 AD&D Player’s Manuals, Basic D&D sets 1, 2 and 3, and an inch worth of paper comprising characters and hand made, graph-paper dungeon maps made in the early to mid 80’s, various non-D&D RPG paraphernalia (Paranoia, Gamma World, Twilight 2000)1
– A dozen comics compilations: B.C., Heathcliff, Garfield, and others I don’t even recognize anymore
– The dredges of my grandmother’s Sci-Fi paperback collection
– My college footlocker, complete with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sticker

Things discovered and not thrown out:

– Wedding dress (worn once)
– Wedding night nightgown (worn once)
– 6 jillion Georgia Shakespeare sweatshirts
– a 3 gallon bucket filled with crayons (needs to be returned to Imagine It! Children’s Museum)

There’s a wheelbarrow with Tools With No Home that will require some shelving, and a 5×8 foot area full of stuff that needs to be 1-800-GotJunk’d, but otherwise it’s a work of art.

steakums unloaded 3 garbage bags full of baby girl clothes off on two friends expecting 3 girls between them.

I cleared off 4 or 5 shelves of books in our IKEA IVAR shelving to make room for putting our computer center there, and making the kitchen eating area free of computer desk induced clutter.

Most of the books will be put up for sale in our planned May 24th yard sale, and those that don’t go then will be paperbackswap’d or trashed.

If we can keep up the momentum, we’ll be clutter-free in no time. Or rather, 5 or 6 weeks. Which is no time on the geologic scale.

1 Lest you think I bought all these, they came out of a bunch of boxes that belong to my brother that he left when he moved out. By the look of things, all of his friends left their D&D and other gaming stuff to him, probably when they were de-cluttering.