There are Plastic Objects in my Nose

While there are a great many worse things in the world, recovering from septum surgery is not a great way to spend a weekend.

There are high points in the form of much good DVD watching… since Friday I have watched what may have been my favorite Doctor Who episode yet, The Girl In The Fireplace. Of course, it may have been the really awesome painkillers I’m on that enhanced the enjoyment, because I can tell you that my love for the world knows no bounds when I’ve taken a couple of those pills. Israel and Palestine should definitely take a dose of this before heading into peace talks; We could have solved that problem years ago.

I also tried out the Netflix Instant Play downloadable movie option and watched Welcome to the Dollhouse, which was okay. I knocked out terracinque recommended film, Sullivan’s Travels which was funny and also explained the title to the Coen Bros.’ Oh, Brother Where Art Thou. My brother’s girlfriend loaned me her Heroes, Season 1 DVD set, which I watched straight, all the way through, to the last episode. Which may explain why I’m certain that the plastic things in my nose are some sort of implant from a secret organization out to destroy New York City.

I’m told the surgery went well, and thus far recovery has gone according to plan, so that’s all good. I won’t get the benefit of results until next week or later. In fact, I’m going to remain in this Super Congested state until Thursday when they remove the Plastic Objects from my nose.

Regardless, even with the Super Pain Killers, it’s a very uncomfortable way to be. Lots of gross maintenance of bandages and whatnot. The skin of my cheeks are raw from the gauze tape being ripped off and reapplied.

Ick. This too shall pass.

Allergic to Ghosts (or What a difference a D makes)

So, I basically missed halloween.

I put on my cowboy hat and vest (my Emergency Costume left over from the wild west Scandal! soap opera) and shortly thereafter felt headachy and woozy. Terribly woozy. My ears were popping, and there was tons of pressure on my sinuses. I told Stacey I was going to lie down, and did thusly. I was pretty much out for the night.

I heard the first trick or treaters come to the door, I heard Roan screaming, and I was pretty much out after that.

The next day I felt scant better, and phoned up my hippy doctor Dr. Wadsworth. I went in for an afternoon appointment, and…

Doc: You have allergies. Have you ever had allergies?
Me: Not really. But I took Clariten yesterday, and it didn’t do any good!
Doc: Did you take Clairiten-D or Clariten?
Me: Uh. I dunno. I wasn’t paying attention.
Doc: Was it small like this (draws a very small pill) or large like this (draws a larger pill)?
Me: Small.
Doc: You need the larger. Clariten-D.

Every time I go to the doctor, I feel like a small child, or perhaps an idiot. It’s the same when I go to the mechanic.

Being passed out on Halloween for just some stupid allergies makes me feel stupid.

It’s just that I didn’t get sick all that often growing up, and when I did they were very basic colds. My father’s philosophy on medicine was not to take it, if you can get by without it. “How do you know the headache won’t go away if you don’t take the aspirin?” So I just don’t know about this stuff.

This morning I voted. I went to our local poll just after 7, just a few blocks from our house at the Heritage School. The line snaked out in to the parking lot a ways. After half an hour, I got into the building, chaos reigned. There were at least four different lines, all of them mixing up with each other. After filling out a form, I got in the line I thought went to the registration desk. That line went back out into the hall and back in. I waited in that line for another half an hour. Stacey showed up as I was back in the hallway, and got in the first line.

Once I made it in, and Stacey had gotten to the form filling out station, I looked up from my book to discover that the line I was in was the line to vote, not to register. During my time back in the hallway, someone had untangled the lines to my disadvantage. So I got into the line to register, registered, and then waited with Stacey back in the voting line, again.

We were done about 8:30.

A small price to pay for excercising my right to vote, but still, I think that Clariten-D hinders judgement., ,