Portugal’s Drug Decriminalization

Scientific American: 5 Years After: Portugal’s Drug Decriminalization Policy Shows Positive Results

This is a wimpy, half-a**ed decriminalization of marijuana, heroin, LSD and others… it’s still jailable to grow it and sell it, but if you’re caught owning or using it, instead of jail or punishment, you’re sent for counseling. Possibly a small fine.

Walter Kemp, a spokesperson for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, says decriminalization in Portugal “appears to be working.” He adds that his office is putting more emphasis on improving health outcomes, such as reducing needle-borne infections, but that it does not explicitly support decriminalization, “because it smacks of legalization.”

Huh-huh… he said “smack”.

He doesn’t say what exactly is wrong with legalization. Possibly it just wouldn’t fit into a single column. Possibly because the reason is because people would use drugs and drugs are bad. And that sounds like a weak argument no matter how you phrase it.

When Conservatives are Conservative

Reddit had this link:

Marriages for none, civil unions for all.

That’s some conservativeness I can get behind. It neatly solves the professed problem of keeping “marriage” “sacred”.

I’ve stated elsewhere that I think there should be as many types of legal civil unions as there are legal corporate organizations. You can form an S or C corp, an LLP, LLC, or a sole proprietorship, but you’ve only got one (possibly two in some states) types of civil contracts.

So, whoever’s in charge of that… make that happen, okay? Thanks.

Why I Won The Debate

I’ve heard arguments back and forth as to who won the final presidential debate last night. I’m surprised the pundits are overlooking my obviously superior performance.

I did not once go negative all evening. Not even when steakums asked me to walk the dog before going to bed.

I never once claimed that No Child Left Behind was “the first time we had looked at the issue of education in America from a nationwide perspective.” Because I’m pretty sure we have a federal Department of Education that looks at the issue of education in America from a nationwide perspective at least once a day. Maybe twice if they take a short lunch.

I remained poised, confident and relaxed at all times. Also, I had graham crackers.

William Ayers does not live anywhere near my neighborhood, though in the interest of full disclosure, there are some domestic terrorists who occasionally egg my car. To my knowledge, they have never had a meet-and-greet for me in their home.

I did not once reference Joe the Plumber.

I represented myself as a family man by cleaning up the cups of Play-Doh my daughter left lying around.

When asked a question, I answered directly without talking around the issue. “Will you walk the dog before going to bed?” Yes, yes I most certainly will, without precondition.

FactCheck.org has found no misrepresentations in any of my statements.

I have shown bipartisanship throughout much of my life by wearing blue shoelaces on one foot, and red on the other.

Yes, my friends, I think I’ve got this one sewn up.

Yeah, that seems about right.

You scored as Libertarian. Libertarians believe that you have the right to live your life as you wish, without the government interfering, as long as you don�t violate the rights of others. This translates into strong protections for privacy and property rights, and a weak to non-existent social safety net.



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Socially Conservative Republican


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75% Libertarian, 65% old school democrat… yeah, that about sums up my confusion.

Cheney’s Got a Gun

I don’t normally feel Jay Leno’s worth quoting, but…

I think Cheney is starting to lose it. After he shot the guy he
screamed, ‘Anyone else want to call domestic wire tapping illegal?’



Whiggin’ out

So it says here that the Whig party was formed in response to the overreaching executive policies of President Andrew Jackson.

Seems they felt the prez was gettin’ a might uppity, doing things that maybe he wasn’t authorized to do, such as taking deposits from the Bank of the United States without the consent of congress.

Who’s up for a Whig rally?

This time they probably won’t fall apart due to internal squabbling on the question of slavery. I think that question’s probably been pretty well answered now (It’s bad.)

Mike Luckovich and Power

Mike’s editorial cartoon today was awesome.

Picture of the Constitution, with a child’s scrawling across it in big, black marker: “(except for homos) G.W.B.”


The power went out in our house sometime before midnight. It still wasn’t on when we left. 1/2 an inch of snow and the place goes to hell. That’s Atlanta.

A Vote Against

As much as I hate to be reduced to voting against someone instead of voting my ideals, I’ll be voting against Georgie this year.

Ordinarily, I would vote Libertarian. But I guess I’m voting for Democratic-nominee-TBD. It’s sort of “lesser of two evils”, but since Georgie is Evil with a capital E, he pulls the scale so far out of whack it almost makes anyone else slide into the “good” catagory.

*sigh*. I wonder if we could get Jimmy Carter to run again.