Steppin’ Out

We dipped our toe in the water of Dragon*Con this past weekend, RocketBoy and I did. Which is to say we went to the parade, mostly.

RocketBoy was plenty excited that there would be costumes, and demanded to wear one about 10 minutes before it was time to leave. We threw on his Super Why cape and I made a quick yellow mask out of some spare felt.

No Geek Cred

Yard Sales for Dummies

Last weekend was a good weekend.

Friday, We celebrated RocketBoy’s graduation from Pre-K with some ice cream at Bruester’s.

Saturday was kind of a blur… we prepared for the Yard Sale, Rocketboy had a birthday party and a playdate, and went to see Kids in the Hall with goudabonbon, curt_holman, my friend Sarah and her friend Bill the Canadian. I say “with” goudabonbon and curt_holman loosely, as their seats were so far in front of ours that they were even out of head crushing range. Though we did have a fine comfort-food dinner beforehand at O.K. Cafe.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early1 hauling furniture, toys, clothes and books out on the lawn in the hopes that I would not have to haul them back in again. We did fairly well, though we were counting way too much on the Jewish and/or infidel crowd to make up for the absence of the Sunday-morning-church-going public. There was none of the people banging on the door an hour before the sale was to start, demanding first crack at the goods that I hear so much about.

We dumped some large space-consuming furniture on some folks with presumably larger houses than ours. I even negotiated successfully in Spanish with one couple.

The highlight was conversations with folks perusing the book pile. I exchanged recommendations with folks based on the wares I had available… “Did you like this book? You should look into…” Though I’ll admit there is a certain amount of pain involved in selling books I enjoyed. There was the first pain of putting the books in the To Be Sold box to begin with, and then when they were being bought… a couple times I had the urge to pull one out of the buyers hands and tell them I’d changed my mind, even though intellectually I knew I had no plans of ever reading it again. We’ll call it a cathartic growth experience.

I learned that RocketBoy is a natural salesman, at least in his enthusiasm if not his actual performance. His weakness is being able to read the customer and accurately divine what item might most be of interest. He did a hard sell on a Care Bears DVD to an older couple perusing some of the weightier literary works. Ditto, an Isaac Asimov short story collection to a couple that didn’t speak English. To his credit, he wouldn’t take no for an answer, trailing them to their car as they left, extolling the virtues of the Care Bear story, or the great enormity of words in the Asimov tome (“You can learn English!”).

It kept me entertained the whole morning long. To own the truth, we had a lot more joggers stop by through his sidewalk barker marketing efforts than we otherwise would have.

After the sale, I cleaned up, went over to neighbor’s house to change out their car battery for them, and then the whole gang went to the pool for a well-earned break.

Monday, steakums had to work, and I took RocketBoy, Scout and RocketBoy’s friend J__ to the Imagine It! Children’s Museum for 3 hours. They all did well and wore themselves out. As we were loading into the car, Scout ripped my glasses off my face and flung them into some bushes. I made a mental note to fetch them after strapping all the kids in the car, then completely forgot until we were home. So, I need new glasses, which is actually fine as the old ones had been a little too Scoutified for their own good.

Later on, J__’s mom stayed with the kids at our house while steakums and I went to see that mildly enjoyable though mostly frustrating Indiana Jones flick. See previous rant.

Actually, see this rant.

Wanna know how to fix Crystal Skull in four steps? Cut for spoilers

In Anticipation of Cleaning and Other Random Statements Regarding the Future, With Blame

I am really way more excited about the cleaning and organizing tasks scheduled for this weekend than I should be. I blame the inspiration of

This weekend we will be babysitting two very large dogs. I blame my brother.

If anyone was planning on catching the penpenultimate Uncle Grampa’s tomorrow, know that I will not be in it. You may possibly take this as extra encouragement to show up. I wouldn’t blame you.

RocketBoy’s playdate with his 4th grade friend was canceled due to a sudden scheduling conflict. I blame her mother.

We’re going to do a yard sale on May 24th. If you are in the Atlanta area and have some items you wish to dispose of in a non-online way, you have only yourself to blame if you do not contact us about it.

That’s not really Spider-Man, it’s just my friend J___

RocketBoy’s Jupiter costume went off without a hitch. The paint job was not historically accurate, with slightly bolder (and lopsided) colors than the real Jupiter, but people could tell well enough that he was a planet. He got compliments at every house we went to.

We even managed to get his arm cast through a hole so he wouldn’t be one-armed Jupiter. The cast was a satisfactory mounting place for the moons as well. Now I just have to figure out how to get the splatter drops of dried paper mache off the floor.

RocketBoy and J__ went out, escorted by J__’s dad, RocketBro and myself. RocketBro sadly could not locate a Halloween costume contest, nor did he finish his Plan A costume, but went trick or treating in his Plan B, a man who’s arm has been cut off with a sword that is currently embedded in his torso. It looked good, with Twizzlers for veins coming out the arm stump. It made me hungry and repulsed at the same time.

One of our neighbors always dresses up as a witch and goes all out in characterization. Every year, RocketBoy gets into a debate with her on the finer points of being a witch. He was concerned this year that she would crash her broom while flying, because that’s what happens to Angela Landsbury in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Two doors down, our neighbors convert one of their garage bays into a movie theater by rear projecting onto a screen in place of the garage door. This year they were showing one of the Harry Potter films. I was reluctant to move on to the next house. Somehow, I need to talk them into doing a summer film festival next year.

Of course, they have a flat driveway, so seating might be tricky. We, however, have a slanted driveway, leading down to the garage. If we were to get a projection TV and do it, it would be like having stadium seating… hmmm…. I just need 8 jillion dollars for a projection system…

The Neat Germ

So, yesterday, Rocketbro was out running errands and stopped by the do-it-yourself car wash.

When he got home, the outside of his car was so nice, he decided to do the inside… vacuuming and 409ing and so forth.

He was on such a roll, that he then proceeded to vacuum out Stacey’s car, thus destroying a local tourist attraction1.

Crazed and delusional to the point of losing his sense of self preservation, he went on to spit-shine the inside of my car.

Inside, his diligence guilted or inspired (hard to tell which) to knock out the Enormous Tower of Laundry whilst simultaneously baking a chocolate heart-shaped cake from scratch, and me to reorganize the pantry2.

All of which to say is I <3 my brother, and I'm considering somehow trashing his credit so he can't afford to buy a house and move out. 1 Atlanta’s Largest Collection of Dropped Goldfish Crackers.
2 Hey, I was sick. This was a big contribution for me.