Emergency Room chairs: still not comfy

Every once in a while, I like to head over to the emergency room and check out the chairs there for a while. You really need to sit in them for a long time to be sure, say, 5 or 6 hours, because you never know if they just seem comfy at first. They can fool you like that, those chairs. Also, it’s best if you go in at midnight. Because you’re going to want to see whether you can sleep in them, otherwise you’re not really testing the limits of those chairs’ ability to provide comfort.

I needed an excuse, so the other night after midnight I told that parts of my arms and back had suddenly gone tingly and/or numb after I’d gone to bed. You know, let her draw the “possible heart attack/stroke” conclusions on her own, so she wouldn’t figure out I was setting her up.

Then, I had to act concerned but, you know, not too concerned so she’d guess I was acting.

We gathered up the kids and headed out to Piedmont where we have a thorough familiarity with the chairs, and checked them out. I made sure there would be a long wait to see a doctor, and then released Stacey and the kids to go home so I could really settle into my chair review without distraction.

Five hours later, I reluctantly had to cease my examination to go sit in one of the medical examination rooms, where, sadly, there are no chairs of interest. So I took a nap on an appallingly comfortable bed until a doctor came in. He confirmed what a nurse had said earlier, a pinched nerve or something probably caused by sleeping in an easy chair with a baby. He had some x-rays taken, then gave me prescriptions for muscle relaxers and codeine-laced pain medication.

Reluctantly, with a wistful look backwards at the waiting room chairs, I called a cab and headed home for an hour nap before work.

Last night, I took the muscle relaxer before bed and discovered this new possibility for nighttime activity which is to go to sleep and then not wake up until morning. It’s radical, it’s revolutionary, and I can’t wait to tell my son about it. I’m sure he’ll be interested in trying it out, too.

The Advent of Why?

Our entire household is recovering from the Great Sickness ’06. Stacey
and I are back at work today, though not with any enthusiasm or

At some point in the last couple days, Roan learned the question “why?”
Yesterday morning, I was huddled up in blankets on the couch with Roan
sitting on my chest asking “Why?” about every tiny detail in the
Wallace and Gromit video we were watching.

I would have been utterly charmed were it not for the fact that I wanted
to die.

So, my grace period has ended. Now I have to start Knowing Things.

The sky is blue because of the refractive nature of light through the
atmosphere, I think. I should confirm that, though.

One thing about Roan is that it is often hard to tell if he is sick or
not. A runny nose is about the only indicator we have, and that doesn’t
tell us the severity. Stacey and I both got what he had, and while it
knocked us on our asses for two days, Roan never wavered in his energy in
the slightest.

This is the same kid who was in the hospital with pneumonia and had to be
restrained from running up and down the halls. Doctors came from all over
the hospital to play ball with the kid with pneumonia. They’d look from
the x-rays of his chest to the little tasmanian devil and shake their
heads in wonder.

All of which means that for the past two days Roan has woken us up at 6am
jumping on the bed demanding to be told a story about him and his new
girlfriend Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl from Toy Story 2.

If we tell him to go back to sleep, he’ll just ask “Why?”


The Earth has completed one full revolution around the sun since I first posted on LiveJournal.

On that day, Howard Dean dropped out of the presidential race, I was home sick, and I was trying to figure out how to get the pine straw off my roof without a ladder.

Today, Howard Dean is still out of the presidential race, I have a sinus thing going on, and I have more pine straw on my roof. But it is different pine straw, and I have a ladder.

Progress, progress, progress.


I came home last night and Stacey sent me to bed, as I was feelin’ all manner of poorly.

Aside from an hour break between 3-4 to attend to Roan’s needs, and another hour to help see Roan and Stacey out the door, I slept from 7:30ish to 10:15ish this morning.

Now I’m going to go find some sort of medication, take a shower, and sit on the couch and stare for a while.

I feel like staring.