This Day In History

Two hundred seventy six years ago on February 12, 1733, James Oglethorpe founded the 13th United States colony of Georgia.

Two hundred years ago on February 12, 1809, both Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born.

Eleven years ago on February 12, 1998, I went on a first date with steakums.

Ten years ago on February 12, 1999, I got engaged1 in Savannah next to a statue of James Oglethorpe.

In preparation for the proposal, I bought a Fodor’s Guidebook to Savannah. Using a map of the area and some online surfing for an appropriately picturesque spot, I identified a certain square that would be in a logical walking path from where we were staying.

Before leaving Atlanta, I attempted to engineer a trip to a bookstore to buy the same Fodor’s guide in steakums‘ presence. Unfortunately, the bookstore was closed.

When we arrived in Savannah and checked into our Bed n’ Breakfast, I was saved by the presence of a bundle of To-Do guides on the desk in our room. I surreptitiously slipped my Fodor’s guide into the pile. When we were ready to go out for a walk around the city, I pointed out our good luck that there was a guide here on the table for our use, given that the bookstore was closed.

We started going from square to square and I encouraged steakums to do interpretative readings aloud of each of the monuments from the Fodor’s guide, while I took pictures.

Finally, we got to Chippewa Square with the Oglethorpe statue. As in previous squares, she stood up on the statue’s base and began reading aloud about the monument a dramatic voice from the Fodor’s guide. In mid-sentence she stopped, got a confused look on her face and said, “Ryan, you’re in here… and I’M in here… wha–? and the book is talking about today…”

Halfway through the paragraph about Oglethorpe the guide read “In this spot on February 12, 1999, Ryan Jay Lucas proposed to Stacey Ann Colosa. Say yes!”

It is a true wonder of modern technology that one can exactly recreate a page of an existing book using only a word processing program, a laser printer and careful selection of paper stock.

I have a photo of steakums with a look of bewilderment, caught at the exact moment before realization hit her. I need to find and scan that.

February 12: Good day.

ETA: pictures under cut