Decline of websites

In this post, I tallied some website popularity, according to Alexa.

SITE 9/16/06 RANK 03/21/07 RANK
LiveJournal 68 68
The Motley Fool 974 1,508
Cisco 1,140 1,157
Keith and the Girl 38,526 6,512
Creative Loafing 42,880 55,307
Scientific Atlanta 76,996 93,267
Georgia Shakespeare 746,484 7,414,733
Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts 971,451 882,452
Dad’s Garage Theater 1,065,810 1,069,744
Alliance Theater 1,189,508 1,056,610
TheaterReview 1,221,688 2,413,153
Shakespeare Tavern 3,130,112 3,075,352 No Data No Data

It’s interesting that dropped quite a bit, but I remember there were some issues with the Alexa link… the link for actually went somewhere else. That seems to be fixed, and the current low ranking prevails. Possibly as a result of being out of season. dropped a big chunk. I attribute it to the fact that I’ve started censoring flame wars, and thus interest has waned.

Checking out Alexa

Keith and the Girl were celebrating having broken though the 50,000 mark recently on Alexa. Last night, I decided to do a little site-surfing on Alexa.

LiveJournal 68
The Motley Fool 974
Cisco 1,140
Keith and the Girl 38,526
Creative Loafing 42,880
Scientific Atlanta 76,996
Georgia Shakespeare 746,484
Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts 971,451
Dad’s Garage Theater 1,065,810
Alliance Theater 1,189,508
TheaterReview 1,221,688
Shakespeare Tavern 3,130,112 No Data


I had a few free moments at the end of the work day Friday, and decided to
play around with RSS and XML.

The end result of which is, if you are interested, you can now get a
syndication feed of by adding theaterreview to your
friends list.

Whenever anyone posts a new review, it should pop up.

So, all the reviews of Kudzu Playhouse and OnStage Atlanta you could ever
want… for free!