Oopie from the past

Remember that Oopie craze from the early 90’s? That wacky unbalanced inflated ball that took the country by storm, kind of like a modern hula hoop?


Probably because it never happened. I can only blame myself. And stronglanguage. And a college friend of mine who went on to become a film editor in L.A. Led by that editor, we created and entered the video below in a contest sponsored by the company that made the Oopie (Nerf? Can’t remember) and won a projection TV for our dorm. Our video highlighting the mad, crazy fun that could be had with an Oopie did not, however, succeed in convincing anyone. Possibly because of the foreboding Frankensteinian message contained therein.

That editor posted the video on YouTube a while back, and I recently received the link. I am the one on the baseball mound, being much skinnier than I am now.

Grrr… I’m a Video Producer, part II

So, when I in school for Film & Video, we were often given projects that were just a bunch of random footage and told to put them together into something, maybe even a story.

At the time, I thought it was a somewhat pointless exercise because unless you were going to be doing music videos, generally the footage made sense. Either you shot it with an order and story in mind, or it was something that was shot live and already had a “story” naturally.

Turns out, that exercise is almost equivalent to putting together these little trailer things for Georgia Shakespeare. For the Shakespeare pieces, it’s not an easy task to pull out the soundbites… Those people just go on and on. Plus, we lack the audio equipment to get good sound, so really all we have are visuals.

It’s the same with Metamorphoses… the sound is pretty much unusable, so all we’ve got is a seemingly random bunch of images to pull together to show a mood, or something. Plus, the footage is taken of a dress rehearsal, so it’s improvisational camera work on a cheap tripod. Plus, it’s a really dark (in terms of lumination) show.

The other thing that irritates me is that there seems to be some sort of unwritten rule about length of clips and dissolves. Sometimes the dissolves work, sometimes they don’t. I don’t know if that’s a software glitch with Roxio VideoWave, or some rule I’m violating that prevents smooth dissolve.

Anyway, it’s been kinda fun to dabble in this stuff again.

Would that there were enough hours in the day to do all the things I wished.

Metamorphoses Trailer (MPG – 0:37)

Grrr… I’m a Video Director

I organized my basement lab this week, and got a VCR hooked up to my computer so that I may dub the multitude of videos I was either in or directed in college.

I dubbed one of them this morning, and thusly, you can view the web premiere of Flight of Imagination, a piece I did during my stint as an R/TV/F minor in 1992, back in the days of 3/4″ tape and really expensive linear editing systems.

Neither of the stars were actors persay… Perry (The Pilot), a star journalism student at Northwestern, went on to be an editor of a Virginia newspaper and then to teach journalism at a university in Michigan. M.H. (the Lego Tank guy), an R/TV/F major, went on to be the manager of a ginormous convention center in Virginia. So, I guess this wasn’t their big break. But still, I thought they did a good job. The two actors’ future wives were my GodLike Crew.

Grrr… I’m A Dinosaur Productions
Flight of Imagination
Time: 4:14, Size: 13.1MB, Flash Video